Flight Control Actuators

The Flight Control Actuators Subsystem is designed to control the aircraft's flight by moving the flight control surfaces and optimizing the wing profile for landing/takeoff performance. These actuators are designed to quickly respond to signals from the aircraft, moving the aerodynamic surfaces necessary to provide the aircraft with the required high maneuverability.

Electro-hydraulic actuators are designed to provide precise and rapid responses to control inputs, allowing the aircraft to achieve the desired maneuverability and flight characteristics. By receiving signals from the aircraft, they contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft under different flight conditions.

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Usage Areas

Flight Control Systems

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Fault Detection and Troubleshooting Capability

The subsystem is equipped with built-in mechanisms for detecting faults or malfunctions in the actuators. This enables timely identification and troubleshooting of any issues that may arise during operation, ensuring the reliability and safety of the flight control system.

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Low Response Time

The actuators are designed to have a fast response time, enabling them to quickly and accurately translate the input signals from the aircraft's computer into the desired movements of the control surfaces.

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Simultaneous / Independent Operation

The actuators are capable of operating simultaneously or independently, allowing for coordinated control of multiple control surfaces or individual control as per the flight requirements.

Product Features

  Trailing Edge Flap Rudder Eyleyicisi Aileron Eyleyicisi Horizontal Tail Hta Eyleyicisi
  TEF (Trailing Edge Flap) Rudder Actuator Aileron Actuator Horizontal Tail (HTA) Actuator
Stroke [mm] > 80 > 80 > 80 > 200
Payload Capacity[kN] > 80 > 80 > 80 > 300
Drive Type [mm] Electro-Hydraulic Electro-Hydraulic Electro-Hydraulic Electro-Hydraulic
Tube Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Power [kW] > 10 > 10 > 10 > 10

Ürün Özellikleri

  Elektro Hidrolik Eyleyici
Stroke [mm] 80-200
Payload Capacity[kN] 80-300
Drive Type [mm] Elektro-Hidrolik
Tube Material Paslanmaz Çelik
Power [kW] > 10
Redundancy Dörtlü
DAL (ARP 4754A) A

Trailing Edge Flap

Horizontal Tail Hta Eyleyicisi

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