Iron Bird Test Systems

The Iron Bird Test System, is the most sophisticated test system developed in Turkey to date. It serves as a test platform where all critical systems and components of the aircraft, especially the flight control system, are tested.

The Iron Bird Test System measures the adequacy of the flight control system in real-time and simulates aerodynamic loads and fault scenarios that the aircraft may encounter under various maneuver conditions. These tests are conducted in a laboratory environment to ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft.

Key Features

  • Test Management Center
  • Test Rig
  • Test Rig Infrastructure

TAAC Aerospace Technologies is developing the Iron Bird Test Systems for MMU KAAN and HÜRJET, which are visionary projects of Turkey. The active use of this system in the HÜRJET project enables test flights to be conducted in a safer manner.

Usage Areas

  • Flight Control System Testing
    • Flight Control Actuator Testing
    • Flight Control Computer Testing
  • Landing Gear and Door System Testing
  • Aircraft Electrical System Testing
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Power System Testing

Hurjet Altinkus Ironbird

Hurjet Ironbird Test Sistemi

Product Features

  • Scenario Creation and Monitoring through 10 Different Stations and 6 Different Software
  • Error Injection and Monitoring into Central Control Computer Channels
  • Environmental Conditioning Tests
  •  Oil Conditioning Tests
  • Operational Working Temperature: 5-35 °C
  • Simultaneous Control and Loading of 18 Actuators
    • Primary and Secondary Flight Control Actuators
    • Landing Gear Actuators
  • Simulation of Aircraft Equipment
    • Flight Control Computer
    • Flight Hydraulic System Controller (RIU)
    • Central Control Computer
    • Flow/Consumption Simulation for Aircraft Actuators in Absence

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