Utility System Actuators

The Utility System Actuators are electromechanical actuators that assist in positioning the hardware/equipment of auxiliary systems in an aircraft based on inputs from the pilot or the flight control system. They can also be manually operated without electrical power, depending on the requirement.

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Usage Areas



Electromechanical Drive System

The system utilizes an electromechanical drive mechanism for operation.

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Fast Opening-Closing Time

The system offers quick and efficient opening and closing times, enabling rapid operation.


Braking & Manual Drive Capability during Power Outage: 

The system is equipped with a braking feature that allows for deceleration even in the event of a power loss and can be manually operated in the event of a power failure.

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Lightweight and Compact Design

 The system is designed to be lightweight and compact, optimizing space and weight considerations.

Product Features

Description Value
Operating Voltage 28 VDC
Nominal Power ~ 250 W
Maximum Power ~ 400 W
Full Stroke Time ~ 10 Sec.
Nominal Operating Load ~ 3000 N
Stroke Length 230 mm
Closed Length 600 mm
Open Length 800 mm
Weight <5 Kg
DAL (ARP 4754A) C

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